JAWLINER® 2.0 - Premium Edition - Beginner

JAWLINER® 2.0 - Premium Edition - Beginner

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  • Chin Filler Before And After

JAWLINER® 2.0 - Premium Edition - Beginner

JAWLINER® 2.0 - Premium Edition - Beginner

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New to jaw training?

Start with our JAWLINER®️ beginner level and become advanced in no time.


💪🏽 Level up + start training your jawline with JAWLINER®️


🔥 2 in 1 training technique for faster results


♻️ Safe + effective jawline resistance training

You get

jAWLINER® - Beginner - one pair

1x JAWLINER® carry-case to train on-the-go

How-to + proper placement instruction guide

12 month warranty



Our JAWLINER 2.0 Beginner set was developed for professional jawline training at a beginner level.

  • High quality + durable
  • Developed for professional jaw exercises
  • Safe to use - mint flavored 100% food grade silicone
  • High durability for more powerful workouts

The JAWLINER 2.0 is a strong tool for regular workout sessions. By chewing on it, you train and strengthen your jaw muscles. Create a defined jawline and a more chiseled look by working out for just 5-10 minutes every other day.

The ergonomic fit consisting of 100% BPA and PVC free food grade silicone* has been enhanced to provide a firmer grip and a more muscular bite.


  • 100% BPA and PVC free
  • High quality food grade silicone
  • German quality standards
  • Certified by PICA Institute Berlin
  • It works: 20.000 customers trust JAWLINER® for their jaw workout

Workout Exercises

  • 01.TONE + DEFINE your face
  • 02.THE "MASSETER" MUSCLE Expand your jaw
  • 03.YOUR TRANSFORMATION into a 10
  • 05.JAWLINER WORKOUT for everyone
  • Look your very best - by training your sexiest muscle
  • More quality of life - change how others see you by 360°
  • Have more confidence - get those "masculine" facial features you always wanted!

Jawliner offers you flexibility to train anytime and anywhere. It is specially designed for facial and jaw muscle training. Our chews work by stimulating 57+ facial muscles, naturally. Remember, first impressions are everything. Look and feel your best--health is everything.

Most people exercise their bodies for hours to stay fit and to optimize their upper and lower body muscles. So, why not start training your facial muscles as well as it’s the first thing that can make a flawless impression.