JAWLINER® Mewing Ring

JAWLINER® Mewing Ring

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JAWLINER® Mewing Ring

JAWLINER® Mewing Ring

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JAWLINER® Mewing Ring + 3 Levels of Intensity
Our newest training set is HERE! Introducing the Jawliner Mewing Ring.
Mewing is the latest craze to add to your jawline training regimen. 

What Is Mewing?


Mewing has become a global phenomenon. British orthodontist Mike Mew and his father developed a 'mewing' technique that is designed to expand the mouth palate. The purpose of Mewing Before and After is to have the tongue pressed evenly on the palate over its entire area. The main targeted area is the posterior third. This puts pressure on the palate that helps in structural change. The structural changes in both soft tissue and bone occur with the passage of time. Mewing Before and After is quite popular over the internet due to its effect on facial aesthetics. The specific movement helps realign your teeth and define your jawline.


Benefits of Mewing

  • Prominent Jawline
  • Reduce fat around the chin
  • Improvement in nasal breathing
  • Aligned teeth (in some cases)


A New Way to Train

Mewing is a new phenomenon and area of research for many orthodontists. The feedback of people around the world confirms the effectiveness of mewing. There are thousands of before and after photos of people practicing the mewing method. People who have used this technique for a longer time claim noticeable changes in the structure of their face. The most significant part of this technique is that the people doing the mewing method are very satisfied with the changes to their appearance. 

✔ The original JAWLINER® brand 
✔ Developed for professional jaw exercises
✔ Safe -  tested by physicians
✔ Highly durable design - more powerful workouts
✔ 12 month warranty

You get:

✔ JAWLINER® Mewing Ring Beginner
✔ JAWLINER® Mewing Ring Advanced
✔ JAWLINER® Mewing Ring Expert
✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 Carry-case to train on-the-go
✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 Childproof bag for safe storage
 Workout instructions for fast, extreme results
✔ 12 month warranty