Is the JAWLINER® really dangerous?

Let us take a closer look...

... With the passage of time, numerous different products have come onto the market in the field of jaw muscle training. Unfortunately, not all muscle training products are as harmless as they seem. In the following article, we would like to explain why many Jawline trainers are anything but healthy for your body. Every person desires to have a chisell jaw and for this Jawliner is the most favorable option.

The Tooth Problem

Essentially, there are two different jaw trainers. The most notable jawline trainer is used in the front of the mouth between the incisors. The drawback of incisors is that they are naturally designed for cutting food, not chewing hard or resistant foods. So they are naturally not capable of high-pressure chewing. This inappropriate use puts unnecessary stress on the incisors. In the worst-case scenario, the inappropriate use of incisors can lead to serious long-term damage. The JAWLINER, on the other hand, uses the molars to chew on and is considered the best jaw trainer. The molars are naturally designed for chewing on hard and resistant foods. Therefore, they are perfect for resistant jaw muscle workouts and help you get a chiseled face.

The TMJ Problem

Numerous experiments and researches by orthodontists conclude that the degree of stress on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) depends on how wide the mouth opens and closes during training. The TMJ has to dislocate and readjust at the time of mouth opening and closing. The jaw ball is located in the front of the mouth, and the training movement involves opening the mouth widely. The jaw joint has to dislocate and retract under a steady load from the jaw trainer. Inappropriate jaw trainers can cause jaw cracking, wear and tear of the joint cartilage. The size of the jaw trainer has to be optimal to achieve more chiseled face and less jaw pain. Multiple orthodontists have reviewed and discussed about chisell jaw and TMJ problem on social media platforms.

JAWLINER for Chiselled Face

The JAWLINERS sit on the molars and require an optimal opening of the mouth. The mouth only has to be opened and closed optimally during activity. The best part of JAWLINER is that the jaw joint remains in its natural range of motion and withstands pressure without any troubles. Chewing on the JAWLINER is indistinguishable for the TMJ from chewing on a hard piece of meat. The natural approach makes the JAWLINER a more trustworthy product in the market. Customers are across the globe are getting chisell face by using it. JAWLINER keeps the chisell jaw and it is great in keeping health.

Major Certificates

Many jawline trainers come from China or other countries. The main concern about hygiene and safety remains to unfold. Are hygiene standards met in their production? JAWLINER is the answer for all such doubts. Trust is JAWLINER's primary offer to the customers. We have been tested, awarded, and certified several times. We are subject to strict guidelines and uncompromising policies as JAWLINER is a German company. Every JAWLINERS product is made of 100% BPA and PVC-free German food grade silicone. We are certified by FDA, and every single delivery is regularly tested and certified by the PICA Institute from Berlin. Since 2021, our JAWLINER product and packaging have been inspected and awarded by the Bavarian Health Office.

Dr. Andrea Jacob

Dr. Andrea Jacob review about the JAWLINER in her video over YouTube. She is a fan of training one's jaw muscles. She finds the JAWLINER product an effective approach to get jawline. In case of TMJ problems, jaw pain, or any pre-existing jaw condition, she stresses that she would not recommend the JAWLINER in such conditions. In case of doubts or pre-existing jaw conditions, please consult your orthodontist.

Why jaw muscle training is even important!

Two orthodontists Dr. John Mew and his son Dr. Mike Mew made numerous researches and familiarize the world with the topic of jaw muscle training. They analyze the symptoms of many medical problems such as misaligned teeth, misaligned jaws, or little jaws. Researches conclude that in recent time, we are not using the jaw or facial muscles properly while eating. However, we prefer to eat soft food or drinks. To counteract this, it is quite essential to use the jaw properly by chewing on hard things. The two Mews specifically recommend training the masseter muscle by regularly chewing on hard things. The innovative technique created is "Mewing" method, which shows how you can change the shape of your face. The main structure of this method relies on especially tongue. In this method, jaw muscles can work out by positioning your tongue correctly at a young age.

Stay safe:

Start now and change your look forever!

JAWLINER® 3.0 - Elite Edition- Bundle Pack
JAWLINER® 3.0 - Elite Edition- Bundle Pack
JAWLINER® 3.0 - Elite Edition- Bundle Pack
Jawliner | Big Jaw Muscles
Jawliner | Big Jaw Muscles
Jawliner | Big Jaw Muscles
Jawliner | Big Jaw Muscles

JAWLINER® 3.0 - Elite Edition- Bundle Pack


✔ The original  JAWLINER® brand
✔ All-In-One-Solution for professional jaw exercises
✔ Safe + effective - tested by physicians
✔ Highly durable design for high-performance workouts

JAWLINER® Bundle Pack is the All-In-One-Solution for jawline and facial workouts. Train and grow your jaw muscles by chewing. Create a defined jawline and give yourself the confident, attractive look you've always wanted.

The All-In-One-Bundle Pack contains:

Big Jaw Muscles

✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 Beginner

The Jawliner Beginner is the first step in training your jawline. Start with the beginner to make lasting changes to your outer appearance.

Big Jaw Muscles
✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 Advanced

The JAWLINER Advanced is the second step for use after JAWLINER Beginner. It is ideal for an optimum increase in training intensity and is for those already familiar with jawline training. Increase your training intensity now and become a more confident version of yourself!

Big Jaw Muscles

✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 Expert

Our JAWLINER Expert is the big jaw muscles trainer for experts.
It is designed exclusively as an intensity enhancer for training after the JAWLINER Advanced and will push your muscles to their absolute limits. We recommend the JAWLINER Expert only to those who have already successfully trained with the Advanced level and need a further increase in intensity.
If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!

With the Bundle-Pack we guarantee:

✔  long-lasting results
✔ less training time
✔ savings

Big Jaw Muscles
You get:

✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 - Beginner + mint flavor
✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 - Advanced + mint flavor
✔ JAWLINER® 3.0 - Expert + mint flavor

3x JAWLINER® 3.0 carry-case for on-the-go training