Mewing Before And After

Mewing: How Proper Tongue Posture Can Make Your Face More Attractive?

What is mewing?

Mewing Before And After
British orthodontist Mike Mew and his father developed a 'mewing' technique that is designed to expand the mouth palate.
The purpose of Mewing Before and After is to have the tongue pressed evenly on the palate over its entire area. The main targeted area is the posterior third. This puts pressure on the palate that helps in structural change. The structural changes in both soft tissue and bone occur with the passage of time.  
Mewing Before and After is quite popular over the internet due to its effect on facial aesthetics. The specific movement helps realign your teeth and define your jawline. 
The feedback from the people who do mewing is great. They report several benefits of mewing like:
  • Prominent Jawline.
  • The second chin is gone.
  • Improvement in nasal breathing.
  • Aligned teeth (in some cases).

Does mewing work?

Mewing is a new phenomenon and area of research for many orthodontists. However, there is not a lot of research confirming or refuting the effectiveness of mewing. The feedback of people on the internet confirms the effectiveness of mewing. There are thousands of before and after photos of people doing mewing. People using this technique for a longer time claims noticeable changes in the structure of their face. The most significant part of this technique is that the people doing mewing are very satisfied with the changes.


Here's the example attach where you can see the Mewing Before After subreddit and learn more about mewing.

Mewing Before And After

Check out the mewing subreddit to see examples and learn more about mewing.

How to start mewing?

The easiest and effective approach to start mewing is to install a mobile mewing app. (available for iOS and Android)


Mewing app will help you develop the proper technique and track transformations in your face. The main feature of the mewing app is the reminder. It will keep you reminded regularly about mewing so that you recall to keep your tongue in the right position.

Mewing Before And After

Step 1: Learn proper mewing exercise technique

The mewing app contains tutorials written and vetted by mewing experts. The tutorials are a great way to ensure that you're doing the exercise effectively.

Checklists will be provided that will guide you properly and helps you avoid mistakes. The aim of the checklist is to ensure your safety so that you don't hurt yourself while doing the exercises.

Mewing Before And After


Step 2: Make it a habit

The mewing app allows you to set reminders so you don't forget about proper tongue position.

Start with reminders every 30 minutes before developing a mewing habit. Once you get familiar, decrease the frequency.

Mewing Before And After


Step 3: Take pictures regularly to track your progress

This technique will be extremely useful for anyone doing facial exercises - exercising with JAWLINER, doing face yoga, or mewing (or all together). The app enables you to take consistent photos so that at a later stage you can compare them with the previous one. This will allow you to track your progress.

In addition, you can analyze the comparison with the free "before" and "after" photo comparison tool.


Tip: The sooner you get into the habit of mewing, the sooner you'll see results.

How long does it take to get visible results?

Combine mewing with jaw workouts to fasten up the results

No doubt the mewing is an effective approach but it is not a cure-all. There are 42 individual facial muscles and 14 bones in the human face. You need to work on every facial muscle to look more attractive. Doing so requires a comprehensive approach to work them out.

To effectively improve the shape and highlight your jawline, you need to train your masseter muscles.

Masseters are developed in the process of chewing and it is essential to train them daily. Unless you are eating raw carrots and nuts daily, the only way left is JAWLINER. It will give you sufficient exercise to the masseters.

 The best results can be achieved with an all-round approach:

Mewing Before And After

Consistency is the key

As you might know that every exercise requires consistency. Any exercise is ineffective if it is not done regularly. 

Mewing combined with jaw training is the quickest way to get a visible result. You should take these techniques as a part of your routine. 

Forgetting is a flaw in human nature. Don't rely on your memory, but make a routine, set reminders and stick to it. That's the only way to get results in superfast time. Good luck!

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